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Drei Blatter

Wooden Cash Register

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Which merchant is not happy when the cash register is ringing? Here, a small bell on the side can announce the successful purchase! The invoice amount can also be entered at the push of a button, the money counted in the till and the receipt issued on paper.

From the age of about three, children begin to intensively empathise with everyday life and its routines. They process these everyday experiences and want to reenact them for themselves, simply enjoying doing the same actions as Mum and Dad.

The cash register in the supermarket can easily be converted into a bank branch, bakery or post office or in any situation where a trade is to be made. A timeless accessory for a timeless children's game.

Drei Blatter Wooden Cash Register comes with push buttons and a drawer. Every part is treated with natural oils made from organically grown plants and is handmade in a non-profit, social enterprise workshop in Germany.

High-quality, natural wooden toys help our children to become familiar with the natural world, and wood as a material. The grain, smell and different colour variations of the individual types of wood have a very unique feel.

Made in: Germany
Materials: Solid spruce wood, natural linseed oil finish
Dimensions: L 15cm W 18cm