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Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel Hipper Harvest

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Sonny Angel Hippers Harvest Series are decorative figures that can be attached to almost anything around you. The theme for this series is Harvest, calling to mind a seasonal bounty of fruits and vegetables. These figures are in adorable climbing pose so you can use them to decorate and hang off your devices, pot plants - anything!

You can attach HIPPERS to any flat surface with the supplied adhesive tape. You can remove and reattach the adhesive several times. *Adhesive strength may decrease depending on the material and condition of the surfaces to which it is attached.

Boxed dimensions H10cm W5cm

There are twelve limited-edition figurines to collect – plus one secret character. You will be receive one random blind box, you won’t know which figurine is inside until you open it - it is all part of the surprise fun!