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Plan Toys

Sailing Boat - Penguin

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This little sail boat has arrived from the North Pole with a Penguin on board! This delightful set stimulates interactive and imaginative play in the water play bath. Set consists of a sail boat and a penguin who can be taken out of the boat as required. 

Plan Toys®, leading green manufacturer of eco-friendly rubber wood toys, has a new line of sustainable toys specially designed for water play. Created to maximize the usage of reclaimed rubberwood trees, the new water play line is made exclusively from PlanWood®, PlanToys' line of toys made from the surplus sawdust and woodchips from production.

Boat and accessories should not be left in water for more than 5 hours.
After play the boat need to be washed in water and thorughly dried. Toys should not be sprayed with any anti-bacterial sprays or detergents as these could be absorbed.
Size: 8.8 x 12 x 10.1cm
Suitable for ages 1+