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No Nasties

Lunar Eclipse Certified Biodegradable Bio-Glitter

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1 x 'Blossom' Bioglitter 10g glass jar packaged in a gift ready cardboard box

We love The Glitter Tribe Bioglitter® because they are:

- Certified Biodegradable

- Home Compostable

- Cosmetic Grade - It is suitable for face, hair, body, nails!  It's FDA approved.

- Ocean Safe

So, you may be wondering what happens to your Bioglitter® when it's done all it can for you? Well, because it is made from plants and not plastic, no matter where is ends up, Mother Nature will break it down within 90 days.

It is Certified OK Biodegradable Water, which means guaranteed biodegradation in a natural environment. 


No need for harsh glues! You can use lip balm, Paw Paw balm or Aloe Vera gel  to pop glitter on skin using fingertips, or a brush. 

Made in the UK.