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Land of Dough

Land of Dough Purple Glitter Roll

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Dough on-the-go! Untwist these adorable Land of Dough® Glitter Rolls to open creativity anywhere. Replace the dough in the bag to squish, smash, and sculpt again and again!

Step into a world of colorful and glittery dough! This Land of Dough(R) Glitter Roll starts off as half dark purple and half pink, but mixes to a light purple!

Land of Dough® helps build imaginations and strengthen social skills through a fabulous tactile play experience with vibrantly colored dough inspired by classic themes and magical places that all kids will love.

Experience the silky soft feel of Land of Dough®! This play dough is perfect for squishing, smashing, rolling, or building! There are so many ways to play with Land of Dough® as it can be easily rehydrated to ensure endless fun, or you can let your dough air dry for keeping sculptures! Proudly made in the USA with the finest materials from around the world.