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Olli Ella

Cora Corn Dinky Dinkum Doll

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Cora Corn, the darling of the cornfield! With her sunny disposition, Cora is the sweetest kernel you'll ever meet. With her little frill and sweet velvet onesie, Cora is always here for cuddles and will giggle at the corniest of jokes too. Be it dreaming of sunny days or whispering secrets to the scarecrows, Cora Corn brings a kernel of kindness wherever she goes.

Cora Corn is a limited-edition and collectible pocket-sized friend! When it comes to the Dinky Dinkum crew, they are loveable friends and are ready for any adventure!  Perfectly weighted in all the right places and kitted out in a velvety onesie, Dinky Dinkums make the sweetest, snuggly companions.

Dimensions: L 22cm x W 12cm x H 8cm

Age recommendation: 18+ months.