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The Woobles

Billy the Unicorn Beginner Crochet Kit

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Introducing Billy the Unicorn - The Woobles Unicorn Crochet Kit. The Woobles Unicorn Crochet Kit is perfect for beginners! The kit includes all the materials you need, plus step-by-step video tutorials that expertly guide you through each stitch and technique that matches the kit in your hands. These tutorials take the stress out of starting a new project, to dive straight into the fun!

- Step-by-step video tutorials
- The Woobles Easy Peasy yarn, custom-made for beginners
- Pre-started crochet piece, so you can get right into practicing the main crochet stitch
- Unlimited help over e-mail, plus virtual crochet office hours
- Plastic eyes
- Stuffing
- Tapestry needle
- Stitch marker
- Pattern as a PDF
- 4mm ergonomic crochet hook 

4.5" tall, 3" wide