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Collectible Unicorn Amethyst

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Hi, I'm Amethyst! I’m one of seven new collectible unicorn toys inspired by precious gems and released by schleich® in early 2023. Round up the entire limited-edition collectible unicorn herd, available for a limited time.

The mane and tail of the graceful collectible unicorn Amethyst shimmers and glitters. It elegantly places its hooves and pricks up its ears attentively. It wonders if its friends, the other crystal unicorns, are nearby. Because its favorite place is to be with the rest of the herd, where all the unicorns of the crystal family meet. The collectible unicorn Amethyst presents its friends with a pretty poster. That will look perfect in the playroom!

Size approx. 10 x 2 x 9 cm

Suitable for ages 3+

Made from PVC, painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.