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Nanchen Natur

Baby Doll Comforter Oak Child

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The Oak Child from Nanchen Natur is made by hand. The high-quality materials made from organic cotton wool and a filling made from organic sheep's wool. This sweet cuddly doll is easy to take with you everywhere and gives children a lot of security even when they are on the go.

All Nanchen dolls, teddies, soft toys, rattles and comforters are designed based on the Waldorf / Steiner pedagogy. Each toy is lovingly handcrafted using traditional European handiwork techniques, with only the finest materials that are completely safe for children.

Made in: Germany
• 100% Organic, Hypoallergenic, Pure Sheep's Wool
• 100% Organic Terrycloth and Jersey Cotton
Organic & Eco Credentials: Bioland-certified. Nanchen toys are handmade using raw materials that are sourced ethically, sustainably, and locally from German fields.

Size: L 26cm 

Age: 0+ months