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2 Of a Kind Double Ended Coloured Pencils

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Have double the fun with these coloured pencils!

No, you’re not seeing double! This set of coloured pencils does indeed give you twice the colour in every pencil! So while there are 12 in the pack, there are actually 24 colours in total!

All finished colouring in the yellow sun? Just flip the pencil over to start designing some grassy hills! And half the space for twice the number of colors means it makes a great travel set when you’re on-the-go with the kiddos. This pack of double-ended colored pencils is also the perfect gift for budding artists of all ages.

  • Includes a set of 12 double-ended coloured pencils
  • Each pencil has a different colour on each end
  • 24 colours included in all
  • Pre-sharpened tips
  • Non-toxic
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up