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Topsy Tail Hair Styling Tool Pink

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Hair doesn't have to be hard! School mornings and rushing out for lunch without fail includes, "Mum, can you do my hair?". 

A cute hair style doesn't have to include intricate braids (which I can not do for the life of me!) but it can be done with our easy to use topsy tail tool!

Simple Style:
1 - Tie Hair into a tight pony tail
2 - Lightly tug the elastic down approx 1 cm towards the tnd of the pony tail
3 - Pull the pony tail through the "hole" end of the Topsy Tail Tool
4 - Taking the hair over or under, insert the "pointy" end of the tool into the 1cm loose hair part created when you pulled the elastic downward and gently wobble/ pull the hair through the part
5 - Tighten the elastic slightly if required to secure the style

Pro Tip - For a cool "braid" look, continue to add elastics, treating it as a new pony tail and repeat until the end