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Stapelstein Inside Cool Pastel

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  • Stapelstein® Inside cool pastel will charm you with its delicate colours
  •  The elements are a harmonious and discreet addition to your home and inspire activity at play.
  • A variety of playing options are available, both with the stand-alone threepiece set and in combination with Stapelstein® Original.
  • Stapelstein® Inside cool pastel is a three-piece set in the delicate pastel shades mint, light blue and violet.
  • For more movement, play and fantasy in children’s everyday life.
  • Safe stacking elements: no sharp corners or edges, water-, saliva- and UVresistant
  • Stapelstein® Inside elements can support up to 50 kg in weight

“Bring movement into your life” Germany based Stapelstein have created colourful stacking stones to offer a holistic range of exercise and support for children from 1 years of age.

These sustainably made stacking stones can enrich the children’s room and encourage imagination and flexibility Founder of Stapelstein, Stephan, built the company after seeing that there too little attention paid to children’s basic needs and more specifically, the natural urge to move that a child always has. With a simple solution, Stapelstein creates incentives for children to move. Whether using stacking stones, a balance board or a standing workstation for adults – the bright coloured products are extremely versatile!

 Stapelstein can be used anywhere:

  • With an amazing range of colours, the stacking stones can be used from Kindy to primary school, children’s room and garden, indoors and outdoors!
  • Stacking stone offers alternatives to move around sufficiently even in limited space.
  • Offers countless possibilities for promoting motor skills, cognition, creativity & social skills.
  • Stacking stone material is light, waterproof, saliva proof, bite proof, and very robust!
  • Roll, stack, balance, sort, transport the stacking stones and play imaginative games with them.

Sustainability is Important

  • The products are produced in a climate-neutral manner and are 100% recyclable. Stapelstein stacking stones and balance boards are durable and can be easily recycled.
  • Produced in Germany, the stacking stones consist of pure EPP using an innovative foaming process with the help of air and steam.
  • Contains no plasticizers, additives or anything else.

Ergonomic shape provides support during balance exercises and healthy developmental conditions.

“Movement, colour theory and fun!”

  • Safe stacking toy: no sharp corners, water, saliva and UV resistant.

  • Inside S: Weight = 12 g, Diameter = 93.5 mm, Height = 42.2 mm
  • Inside M: Weight = 38.4 g, Diameter = 155.6 mm, Height = 66.1 mm
  • Inside L: Weight = 70.8 g, Diameter = 211.1 mm, Height = 87.6 mm
  • Compatible with all Stapelstein® products