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Plan Toys

Speed Boat and Driver

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Imagine racing across the sea at super speeds! This delightful set stimulates interactive and imaginative play in the water play bath. Set consists of a 12cm long speed boat and a driver who can be taken out of the boat as required. Suitable for ages 12 months plus. Plan Toys®, leading green manufacturer of eco-friendly rubber wood toys, has a new line of sustainable toys specially designed for water play. Created to maximize the usage of reclaimed rubberwood trees, the new water play line is made exclusively from PlanWood®, PlanToys' line of toys made from the surplus sawdust and woodchips from production.
It is our continued mission to provide children and families with products they can trust and rely on, while enforcing education, development, and sheer joy through sustainable play. Water and stain resistant, PlanWood® makes it ideal for children to enjoy in and out of the tub, pool or play bath. Easy to clean when play time is over and with less than 5% moisture content, PlanWood is fungus-resistant and will delight children for hours. Speed Boat and accessories should not be left in water for more than 5 hours.
After play the speed boat need to be washed in water and thorughly dried. Toys should not be sprayed with any anti-bacterial sprays or detergents as these could be absorbed.
Size: 12 x 9 x 7cm
Suitable for ages 1+