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Super Ferby Pencils Waldorf 12 Colours (Unlacquered)

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This coloured pencil is a further development of the Lyra Ferby Coloured Pencil.

It is 17.5cm in length and has a thick core. It’s triangular shape helps with practising the tripod grip which is especially important for children who are still experiencing difficulties holding the pencil properly.

The end of the pencil is sealed, the lead super thick is 6.25mm in diameter.

They are break resistant and highly pigmented.

This is the Waldorf assortment.

004 Zinc Yellow

007 Lemon Yellow

013 Orange

018 Scarlet Lake

027 Light Carmine

034 Magenta

047 Light Blue

051 Prussian Blue

067 Sap Green

070 Apple Green

076 Van-Dyck Brown

090 Venetian Red