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Marvling Bros

Don't Worry Doll in a Matchbox

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Manage those worries with this charming mindfulness kit complete with worry doll to take on those woes. A beautiful gift to truly support anyone going through a hard time, this matchbox will inspire and delight with its cute little worry doll and tried and tested stress management tips. All presented in an adorable matchbox, and the message: I'm here to help.
Whether it's deliberations on how to save the earth from destruction, or procrastinations about what to wear to the next party, this little box of mindfulness tips is designed to help the owner reflect on life rather than worry about it, with useful stress busting tips and the aid of a traditional Mayan worry doll. The worry doll is part of the spiritual historical culture of the Mayan people and continues to be an important symbol, used to help alleviate worry and stress. Ours have been sourced directly from Guatamala, working with and supporting local artisans, many of whom are women.

Dimensions: 5.5cm x 3.6cm x 1.6cm